What’s New in iOS 7 beta 3

por SK/ 10 de julio del 2013 7:33 PM EDT


And as much today said July 8 Apple releases beta 3 of iOS 7 for developers. This new beta brings many innovations and then I leave.


For now you can see the following:

  • Faster and more reliable than previous versions
  • Small changes in UI Notification Center.
  • Small changes in the user interface of the Music app.
  • Small changes in the user interface application time.
  • Major elements in the status bar on the lock screen
  • The Calendar application now displays the events scheduled in the month view.
  • New search bar and «Push to refresh» in your mail application.
  • Folders are now more transparent.
  • New animations to download an application.
  • New font and font color in Messaging application.
  • New animation to access Spotlight search.
  • Minor adjustments in the user interface of Safari search.
  • Now you can use applications while being updated.
  • To lock the screen now shows the clock while playing a song.
  • New animation when you finish a video compression.
  • Top Charts New icon in the App Store.
  • The brightness and wallpapers have been updated with iOS interface 7.
  • Now the song is completely realized we are playing in the Music app.
  • Now you can pinch to zoom in the music application in landscape mode.