Nuevo anuncio de Apple «iCloud Harmony»

por Oscarfulphone / 27 de febrero del 2012 3:53 PM EST

Hola iPhoniaticos , Apple a presentado un nuevo anuncio sobre iCloud , con iCloud las cosas que aman está en todas partes que lo necesiten automáticamente. Ya que el video es muy claro mostrandonos las diversas sincronizaciones que puedes realizar , contactos, citas, fotografias, compras de iTunes Store etc.


Your mission, as the most formidable of all warriors, is to rescue
Princess Mariana from the clutches of the evil wizard Drax. In doing so,
you will travel the world, crossing swords with the many blood-thirsty
warriors that block your path.
Prepare to die !

Barbarian replicates the intense playability of the original game,
which, with a single attack button and eight movement directions,
offered a total of eight attack combinations, including the notorious
decapitation move, four dodge and four defense moves. With death lurking
in every desperate duel, the slightest slip could prove to be fatal.

Rediscover the spirit of the original Barbarian:
♠ Gory combats where the blood flows fast and the slightest mistake
could end in death.
♠ Epic, lifelike duels in which you will suffer horrific wounds.
♠ Superb 3D settings in a Dark Fantasy universe.
♠ The original Barbarian theme music.
♠ Two player levels: “Normal” and “hardcore”, for the most
battle-hardened players.

♦ Three solo game modes (STORY, ARCADE and SURVIVAL)
♦ Local network multi-player game mode
♦ Gory tasks for you to achieve, such as “Decapitate 50 enemies”.
♦ For sensitive dispositions, there is the option of switching off the
“blood” mode.

Con icloud, las cosas que amo está en todas partes que lo necesite. Automáticamente.