Infinity Blade Dungeons game officially canceled

por SK / 12 de julio del 2013 1:56 PM EDT


Epic Games president Mike Capps took the stage at Apple’s iPad 3 eventto show off Infinity Blade Dungeons, the studio’s third iteration in the popular series. And true to its predecessors, the game looked stunning—especially on the iPad’s new Retina display.

At first sight, Dungeons had the makings of a hit. But then came the disappointment. After several months of silence, Epic announced last fall that the game would be delayeduntil 2013. Then it was put on hold. And now it sounds like the whole thing’s been scrubbed…


IGN reports (via MacRumors):

  • “Given the positive early reception the game had received from IGN and other game critics, many held out hope that the game would resurface. Maybe even at the hands of Infinity Blade 1 and 2 developer Chair itself. But on the most recent episode of the official Epic Games podcast, Chair Co-Founder and Creative Director Donald Mustard officially confirmed that the game is dead.”

Sure enough, listening to the podcast, you hear Donald Mustard say something to the effect of ”when the studio [Impossible Studios] that was working on Dungeons was closed, the game was canceled. That’s really all I can say.” His tone, as you can imagine, is very somber.