instalar whatsapp en ipad con iOS 5.1.1

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hola estoy escribiendo desde mi ipad 1 con versión 5.1.1 con jailbreack y me gustaría saber como instalar whatsapp o whatsapp web ya que klo intentado con la pagina y cydia y demás.

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Now when you want to send a text message to Jennifer’s mobile phone, just press EMAIL, then COMPOSE, and then ADDRESS, and select her name from your email address book. Then the above email address will be automatically entered into the To: field on your MailBug’s compose email screen. The SMS and mobile app message preview displays the message body, followed by the responses. SMS is usually touted as the ultimate email-killer. A 2020 Omnisend study credits SMS with an average 14.2% click rate and having SMS in the mix of an omnichannel campaign increases conversions by 47%. Still, email hangs on as consumers’ top preference for brand communications. Once your SMS Email address is registered we will send a confirmation code. You can follow the link provided, or click on the confirm link in PowerSchool Learning to enter your confirmation code and begin receiving SMS Notifications from PowerSchool Learning. We highly encourage you to check out Google Voice. It works nicely with GReminders. Google Voice does not have an email address format like some of the major cellular carries provide to be able to send the text via email. Set up a Google Voice account in your mom’s name, which will give you a phone number for your mom. Then you can set it up to forward texts to her email, and she’ll be able to respond. You can send SMS text messages to any contact in your Gmail address book right from the Gmail website. There is one exception: you can use Google’s Hangouts app to send and receive text messages using your Voice number (and only your Voice number; Hangouts stopped being a general SMS app back in 2017). What will eventually happen to Hangouts is still up in the air (it’s due to be sunsetted for G Suite customers this coming October), but it is an option.

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